Basilica of St. Ambrogio

The Basilica of St.’Ambrogio is the very heart of Milanese’s spirituality. It’s one of the most ancient basilica in Milan, It was built about 16 centuries ago, at the time of St. Ambrogio, whose reliquies are preserved inside the Cript. In St. Vittore in Ciel D’Oro ‘s Chappel, which is decorated by precious mosaics, you can admire the portrait of St. Ambrose, which is considered the nearest to how he really looked like.

The basilica is reputed for being the best example of Lombardy Romanesque style in architecture. Inside you can admire extremely precious pieces of arts such as the famous gold altar, which is also decorated by emails and precious stones, which is well-known by the name of his creator; master Vuolvino. Moreover, you’ll admire the precious ambo, which is supported by a sarcofagous of late Roman Empire, which tradition tells this is the sacofagous of the glorious general Stilicone.

By the main nave, you’ll see also an unusual borze serpent, which is the protagonist of a Milanese tradition. During your visit you’ll learn this and many other stories.

About 1 hour and 30 min.

This visit cannot be done on Sundays morning

to be agreed

Usually at the entrance of the basilica

3.00 euro per person for the entrance ticket to the Chappel of St. Vittore in Ciel d’Oro

If it’s a large group, it’s advisable to rent radioguides.

During the visit, you are invited to wear a convenient dress for a religious place. Therefore inside the catheadral are not admited sleeveless T-shirts or dresses, skirts or shorts have to be long at least until the knee. It’s advosable to bring with you a scarf or something to cover your self when you’ll visit the inside.