Brera Art Gallery

Brera Art Gallery – “”The Kiss” by Francesco Hayez

It is one of the most important Art Galleries in Italy. It is located in a historic building, previously used as a convent, inside which in addition to hosting the Pinacoteca, there is the Academy of Fine Arts.

The gallery displays one of the most famous collections in terms of painting, especially from Lombardy.A chronological itinerary can be made starting from the fourteenth-century frescoes in the Mocchirolo Chapel, which follows Giotto’s teachings. You can admire works that are at the top with the Renaissance represented by the best Venetian Masters such as Mantegna and Bellini and in central Italy with Piero della Francesca and Raffaello, without forgetting the Lombard school of Foppa, Bramantino, Luini and Leonardo’s painters. You will admire masters from the mature XVI century with Tiziano, Tintoretto, Veronese. Then from the XVII century, where alongside the naturalism embodied by Caravaggio, you can admire the classic painting by Carracci and paintings of the religious Reformation Age. You’ll end your itinerary with the new approach to arts of the century of the Enlightenment and the XIX century paintings represented by Hayez with the famous “Kiss”.

About 2 hours

This visit cannot be done on Mondays and the first Sunday of the month.

To be agreed

Suggested: at the entrance of the Art Gallery

15.00 euro per person

There might be reductions for Juniors (younger then 12 years old) and Seniors (over 65 years old) and groups.

If it’s a large group, it’s advisabele to rent radioguides.

You can take photos without flash.