Duomo of Milano

The catheadral of our Lady of Nativity

If you come Milan, you can’t help visiting the Duomo. The iconic catheadral devoted to our Lady of Nativity is not only one of the largest catheadrals ever built in the world, but it’s the only one to have a top roof terrace that you can visit widely. From there, you can discover scultures, curiosities and many details that cannot be seen from the people who remain in the square.

I can take you to a private complete visit with priority entrance of all the Duomo, from the spires to the inside, until the archeological area, where you can discover the remains of the previous buildings before the Duomo was built starting from Middle Ages.

You’ll learn the history of the catheadral, which communicate not only the spirituality of Milanese people, but also their everyday life, their traditions, their own personality.

About 2 hours 30 min. if you want to visit all the Duomo (top roof terrace, inside and archeologicl area) of course you may decide to visit just only the areas of your interest.

To be agreed.

Usually at the main door of the Duomo.

Priority entrance.

You can choose differnt tickets for the Duomo, according to the areas you prefer to visit.

Hereunder some of the fees, but if you want more detailed fees you can read them on the offical website page of the Duomo.

3.00 euro per person for the just inside Duomo ticket.

17.00 euro Duomo Pass A (inside+top roof terrace by elevator)

If you want to visit the inside of the Duomo, groups of more then 5 people are obliged to rent radioguides, that have a cost of 2.50 euro per person. (For large groups there might be reductions).

You’ll be submitted to Security controls before your entrance into the Duomo. They might imply the opening of your bags and belongings.

Therefore it’s advisable to have small bags or backpacks not so large.

Some objects are not allowed into the Duomo, expecially knives, cans (water is admited), objects in ceramics, bottles of perfume, tripodes for photography. for a full list of the not admited items, I invite you to read it on the official website of the Duomo.

During the visit, you are invited to wear a convenient dress for a religious place. Therefore inside the catheadral are not admited sleeveless T-shirts or dresses, skirts or shorts have to be long at least until the knee. It’s advisable to bring with you a scarf or something to cover your self when you’ll visit the inside.

The vist to the top roof terrace is not advisable for people who suffer from vertigo or have some walking difficulties, as there are some steps and different levels to be climbed.

Strollers cannot be kept open and used on the top roof terrace.