Milano Liberty style, the Silence’s District

Detail of the facade of Galimberti House

In Milan there is a neighborhood in the city center of Milan where the atmosphere is very different from the vibrant rhythm that you can find the other districts of the town. Walking through the neighboring streets of Corso Venezia, one of the main roads of Milan, it means being surrounded by an atmosphere of other times.

Here you can find many curiosities such as the pink flamingos that live in the Villa Invernizzi, but also a house with an ear and extraordinary architecture especially in Liberty style, that you’ll be surprised to see.

Discovering this district of Milan means unveiling a hidden corner of the town.

About 1 hour and 30 min.

To be agreed.

If it’s a large group, it’s advisable to rent a radioguide system.

It’s advisable to wear confortable shoes.