Monumental Cemetery

An open air museum

Monumental Cemetery

The Monumental Cemetery was built in 1866 to gather the numerous small cemeteries spread in the town. Later it became the cemetery for perennial burials, for this reason you can find the tombs and shrines of the families that have made the history of Milan and beyond.

Each burial place is decorated with remarkable monuments often by relevant artists, who have dealt with the theme of death in a different ways, making the cemetery a real open-air museum.

In the Pantheon, the main building, are reminded charachters who made the difference in Milan such as Alessandro Manzoni, Ugo Foscolo, Cavour, Montale, De Chirico, Fontana, Boccioni and many others.

About 2 hours.

This visit cannot be done on Mondays.

To be agreed.

Suggested: at the main entrance of the cemetery.

If it’s a large group, it’s advisabele to rent radioguides.

It’s advisable to wear confortable shoes.