The treasure and the museum of the Duomo of Milan

Museum of the Duomo of Milano

During the visit to the museum of the Cathedral different topics are dealt different from those learned during the visit to the cathedral.

In the museum the Treasure of the Cathedral is exhibited in the first rooms. It consists of extraordinary goldsmith’s pieces of arts used during peculiar religious celebrations even today.

The museum displays and keeps about six centuries of scultures and pieces of arts among the most ancient of the catheadral, that for conservative reasons they prefered to keep inside the museum.

This gives us the chance to admire the details of these masterpieces that were meant to be settled at a great highness on the Duomo.

About 1 bour and 30 min.

This visit cannot be done on Wednesdays

To be agreed

Suggested: at the entrance of the museum

3.00 euro per person for the entrance ticket

If the group is large, it’s advisable the renting of a radioguide system.

Groups of a maximum number of 25 people.