Early Christianity tour in Milan

During this tour you’ll visit the most ancient churches and basilica in Milan built during late Roman Empire and early Middle Age.

Basilica di Sant’Ambrogio is where there are the reliquies of the religious protector of Milan. Its altar, called “Vuolvino’s altar”, is a masterpiece of art of the IX century. You’ll be astonished to see that it is covered by precious stones. But there are many treasures such as the Stilicone’s Sarcophagus and many curiosities and tradition to learn.

Basilica di San Lorenzo is perhaps the most ancient basilica ever built in Milan. Inside St. Aquilino’s chapel you can admire the remains of precious mosaics.

In the Basilica di Sant’Eustorgio you can find part of the reliquies of the Three Wise Men. Here there are tombstones of the duke of Milan in Middle Ages, but also Portinari’s Chapel Painted during early Renaissence with stories about St. Peter from Verona, a preacher buried in a astonishing shrine.

– St. Ambrogio’s Basilica
– St. Lorenzo’s Basilica
– St. Eustorgio’s Basilica
The order of the itinarary may be different in order to cope with the opening times.
The order of the itinarary may be different in order to cope with the opening times.
The tour is meant to be a walking tour. The city center of Milan is rather small and mainly pedestrian. In any case, whenever you might feel tired, you can use taxi or public means of transportation.
In case you feel you need to have a car during the tour, I can provide a car and licenced driver.
This tour cannot be done on Sundays
Meeting place to be agreed.
Pick up at your hotel is possible if the hotel is in the city center, if your hotel is farer, this must be agreed.
I can also meet you at the airport with an extra charge. Transfer to and from airport can be provided by private car or bus and licensed driver.
Duration of the tour
3 hours
Admittance tickets
3.00 euro per person ticket for St. Vittore in Ciel d’Oro’s Chappel (in the Basilica of St. Ambrogio)
3.00 euro per person ticket for St. Aquilino’s Chappel (in the Basilica of St. Lorenzo)
9.00 euro per person ticket for Portinari’s Chappel (in the Basilica of St. Eustorgio)
What you need during the tour
– Confortable shoes
– Dress code for visiting the Duomo and religious places requires you are conveniently dressed (no sleveless T-shirts or dresses, skirts or troussers long until the knee), it’s advisable to bring with you a scarf to cover you in case of need.